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Accepting All The Parts
Much of coaching and self development is focused on championing the ‘positive’ aspects of individuals and teams.

Accepting All The Parts – How it Applies to Team Development
The concept of accepting all of our emotional states, thought and physical feelings in order to move towards High Performance is discussed in the article ‘Accepting All The Parts’. This article discusses how this same concept can be applied to Team Development.

Creating a High Performing Culture
What is a High Performing Culture? What does it feel like to work in one? We have all hopefully had experiences of working in great teams – even if this is outside of work …

Group Dynamic of High Performing Teams and Individuals
Humans are social animals, we live in ‘herds’ or ‘packs’ and just like sheep, if a few people start to get scared, the fear transmits through the group like energy moving …

How to Measure Return On Investment for Training
How do you measure the results and value of training? There have been many studies to measure the amount people retain during a knowledge based training course and there was a myth that …

Strong Leadership is the Key to Successful Change – NHS
The NHS is tirelessly continuing to evolve through The Agenda For Change and the more recent changes to the structure of PCTs and Commissioning Branches. Throughout these enormous shifts, thousands of diligent …

True Partnering
For several years now the concept of ‘Partnering’ in business has been discussed, misunderstood and yet aimed for. Companies partnering with their vendors, partnering with their clients and internally departments …

It’s About WHO You Are as Much as WHAT You Do
We set up Goals and Strategic Plans for our organisations (albeit at a department/team level depending on where we sit in the hierarchy) which is about accomplishing tasks and actions. It’s tangible and there should be a …

The Effect of Socialisation on Business
The Nature .v. Nurture debate continues – are we born destined to do behave in a certain way and with inevitable personality traits or do we develop them due to the environment in which we grow? …

The Yin and Yang of Leadership
In Chinese medicine there is a concept of Yin and Yang energy. Yang represents male energy and Yin represents female energy, however the two different types of energies exist in each of us and need to be …

Leadership Coaching For Women
Women Leaders face specific challenges in business because traditionally it has always been men leading women. If you’ve been given a position of Leadership within an organisation, you have power to make decisions

Executive Coaching Helps Businesses Prosper
Executive coaching offers a variety of benefits to any business

Make your Career Dreams Come True with Executive Coaching
Executive coaching is an increasingly popular service for ambitious business men and women who believe that they could help their career with a little professional advice and guidance.

The Benefits of Executive Coaching
As a business owner, there are many benefits that can be realised through executive coaching.

Executive Coaching-Discover your Business Potential
An executive coaching company can change your teams behavioural patterns and turn things around for the better.

Leadership Development – Three Key Stages
This article will help you identify what stage of leadership development you are in. This would be continued in 3 different stages.

This final stage of Leadership Development
Following on from my last article which set out stages 1 and 2 of my 3 stage leadership development model, here is the final stage that I am working with leaders to obtain.


Insight into Women Leaders – Series of Interviews

Esi Kpeglo, HR Business Partner, National Archives
We have interviewed several women leaders to understand what women leadership can contribute to the business world. We introduce our first Women Leader in our series

Natalie Ceeney, CEO, Financial Ombudsman Services
We wanted to know how these successful Women Leaders got on in the workplace so that other women can gain inspiration and key learnings from them.

Liz Robson, Business Information Officer, Siemens Enterprise Communications
We wanted to know if Women Leaders faced specific issues in the workplace and if so how these successful senior women managed to overcome them.

Jenny Scherler, HR Manager, Siemens Business Systems
We asked Jenny if she felt that she faced any particular challenges being a women leader in the business.

Sally-Anne Borrill, Compensations and Benefits Manager, Siemens
We were interested to find out how she moved from Textiles to becoming a successful Compensations and Benefits Manager for Siemens.

Gerlinde Gniewosz, CEO, Founder of KO-SU Ltd
We asked Gerlinde, how did you manage to get to where you are today? She replied “ four years ago I left my corporate role and got into mobile app development.