Leadership Retreats

If you have already experienced coaching/MBA or other forms of personal and management development AND you are looking to continue to develop, then this is for you.

Leadership Retreats

This retreat is cutting edge leadership development where you are taken out of your comfort zone and experience three intensive days of personal growth.

Our aim is to shift you into your highest levels of consciousness and for you to lead from this mindset!

The retreat covers topics such as Conscious Leadership, Group Dynamics, Energetic Fields and the transformative effects on organisations that are led by leaders who understand these phenomena.

To ensure a good mix of leaders who are already at an advanced level, we ask that you take time to meet/speak with us before signing up and that you commit to the preparation work for the retreat.

Retreats cost £3000/person and include accommodation, food, drink and training materials.

There are only 8 places per year so please enquire now to ensure a place.

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“This course is a fantastic resource whether you are facing a new challenge or need some new approaches to life or career. Fantastic setting and excellent coaching .. and a great group of people who share insights and practical strategies that have worked for them.”
Carmel Moore
Partner at Ernst & Young

“The coaching session two weeks before the week in Spain helped me clarify what I wanted to work on while away. During the week I came to realise what were the most important areas for me to focus on, so now I know what are the most important things to change, now that I’m back in the UK.  The group coaching was great and there was coherence to it all and the one to one coaching with Rebecca was brilliant. Considering you’d expect to pay £600 for the Villa and food alone, I think the week was an absolutely excellent value.”
Anand Rao
VP of Production and Developments, Energy Equity Resources Limited.

“I came not knowing who I was and left totally in love with me, knowing that I can achieve anything I want, success is my destiny!”
Shamela Kylassum
Management Consultant, PWC

“This truly enabled me to reconnect with myself and help me gain perspective on my life in all areas. The Group work and content was absolutely fabulous, I’ve made a huge shift. Rebecca really created a peaceful environment outside of day to day life where one can really evolve. It felt like a group of friends coming together and doing real work in a natural way. Perfect balance between structured and relaxed.”
Tara Randell
HR Director, Baker&Mackenzie