Cultural Change

Your organisation’s culture is being created, unconsciously by those who lead the organisation. Many organisations spend £100,000s on Cultural Change Programmes that do not work because they don’t address the fundamentals.

We do understand how your current culture is being created and therefore how to support you to change that.

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If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following then we think we can help you:
1.    There is a divide between ‘us’ and ‘them’ and as leaders we want ‘them’ to take more responsibility and ownership.
2.    We need to be more innovative/commercial/adaptable but don’t yet know how to be.
3.    We know that if we create a great culture we will attract top talent and gain even better results, but how to do this, is not our area of expertise.
4.    We’ve tried to change our culture before, it’s been costly in time and money and not really worked but we’d like to know about another way.

Try our new Cultural Change Programme which starts at £40,000.

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“Rebecca offered a service we only really knew we needed after we had it!. Its about a different way of thinking and motivation that really set Rebecca apart from the rest. Thanks again Rebecca for your ideas and motivational insight.”
Matthew Pickup
Owner, TME Solutions

“Rebecca takes a coaching approach to her work – inspired by NLP principles. She is able to assist clients in two main ways: through her careful, diligent analytical nature, and secondly through her coaching in the techniques of NLP – paying attention to how people process information and guiding them to maximise their interactions with others.”
Paul Cooper
Principal Consultant, Emerging Solutions