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Life is too short to sit for hours in a job that is unfulfilling, but it’s often too hard to think about moving because we need financial security and we don’t know what else to do!

We have helped many people overcome these challenges and find well paid work that they love.

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If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, it is an indicator that you may not be on your true path:
1.    Do you often feel bored, frustrated, or exhausted at work?
2.    Have you had thoughts about changing jobs in the last 6 months but don’t yet know what to do instead? Or feel trapped financial?
3.    When you hear others say that they love their jobs do you feel envious, disbelieving or irritated?

Our private 1:1 Career Coaching packages start at £900

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“Rebecca’s coaching and support has been hugely beneficial to me and I recommend her highly. She has played a critical role in supporting me in a career transition and, much more importantly, has really helped my personal development. I am much more self aware, centred and stronger as a result of our work together. I found Rebecca to be really easy to work with; she is challenging, professional but also makes you feel comfortable. I look forward to continuing to work with her.”
Rupinder Cheema
Global Business Expansion, Jaguar Land Rover

“At this juncture (July 2012) I owe profound gratitude for Rebecca’s work with me. I’m currently realising what I happened to visualise in one of my Executive Coaching sessions with Rebecca in 2011. 

My initial intention was just to unleash the full extent of my potential. One of the many moving and creative exercise helped me realise what I dream of doing with my career later on. First results were quickly achieved after just a few sessions but the big changes seemed more like inception. About one year after the crucial exercise I’ve now taken the early step to realising my dream, thanks to the inspiring work of Rebecca. 

A part of us always knows what we really want to do, sometimes we just need help being honest with ourselves before we’re ready to embrace the change. Anyone who’s intrigued by upgrading their career and/or life will greatly benefit from working with Rebecca. Who knows? You might by accident even surprise yourself with an unexpected epiphany in the process too.”
George Fasching
Agile Coach & Practitioner. Purveyor of New Product Development Agility

“Rebecca coached me through my master NLP practitioner course. She is an expert coach, thorough in her work and highly conscientious. She focuses on the whole person and not only on the process which makes her creative in her approach when working with clients. I have no hesitation in providing Rebecca the highest possible recommendation.”
Stuart Farleigh
Managing Consultant, Europe at The Family Business Unit